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brandelf – mark an ELF binary for a specific ABI



brandelf [-lv] [-f ELF_ABI_number] [-t string] file ...


The brandelf utility marks an ELF binary to be run under a certain ABI for FreeBSD .

The options are as follows:
-f ELF_ABI_number
  Forces branding with the supplied ELF ABI number. Incompatible with the -t option. These values are assigned by SCO/USL.
  Writes the list of all known ELF types to the standard error.
  Turns on verbose output.
-t string
  Brands the given ELF binaries to be of the string ABI type. Currently supported ABIs are "FreeBSD", "Linux", and "SVR4".
file If -t string is given it will brand file to be of type string, otherwise it will simply display the branding of file.


Exit status is 0 on success, and 1 if the command fails if a file does not exist, is too short, fails to brand properly, or the brand requested is not one of the known types and the -f option is not set.


The following is an example of a typical usage of the brandelf command:
brandelf file
brandelf -t Linux file



The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc., System V Application Binary Interface, April 29, 1998 (DRAFT).


The brandelf manual page first appeared in FreeBSD 2.2 .


This manual page was written by John-Mark Gurney <Mt jmg@FreeBSD.org>.

BRANDELF (1) March 25, 2014

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