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bspatch – apply a patch built with bsdiff(1)



bspatch oldfile newfile patchfile


The bspatch utility generates newfile from oldfile and patchfile where patchfile is a binary patch built by bsdiff(1).

The bspatch utility uses memory equal to the size of oldfile plus the size of newfile, but can tolerate a very small working set without a dramatic loss of performance.




Colin Percival <Mt cperciva@FreeBSD.org>


The bspatch utility does not verify that oldfile is the correct source file for patchfile. Attempting to apply a patch to the wrong file will usually produce garbage; consequently it is strongly recommended that users of bspatch verify that oldfile matches the source file from which patchfile was built, by comparing cryptographic hashes, for example. Users may also wish to verify after running bspatch that newfile matches the target file from which was built.

BSPATCH (1) May 18, 2003

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