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elfctl – change an ELF binary's feature control note



elfctl [-h | --help] [-i] [-l] [-e featurelist] file ...


The elfctl utility modifies feature flags in the feature control note in an ELF binary.

The options are as follows:
-h | --help
  Print a usage message and exit.
  Ignore unknown feature flags in featurelist.
  List known ELF feature flags.
-e featurelist
  Edit features from the given comma separated list featurelist. featurelist starts with one of the three operations: "+" to turn on the features, "-" to turn off the features, "=" to only turn on the given features. A comma separated list of feature names or numeric values follows the operation.

If -e is not specified elfctl displays the status of each feature in the ELF note in each .


Exit status is 0 on success, and 1 if the command fails if a file does not exist, is too short, or fails to find or edit features note.


The following is an example of a typical usage of the elfctl command:
elfctl file
elfctl -e +noaslr file

Features may be specified as numerical values:

elfctl -e =0x0001,0x0004 file

Features may also be specified as a single combined value:

elfctl -e =0x5 file


elfctl first appeared in FreeBSD 12.2 .


elfctl was written by Bora Ozarslan Mt borako.ozarslan@gmail.com under sponsorship from the FreeBSD Foundation.

ELFCTL (1) February 4, 2022

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