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mkcsmapper – generates hashed conversion data for iconv(3)



mkcsmapper [-d] [-m | -p] [-o outfile] [infile]


The mkcsmapper utility generates binary conversion data from plain text conversion tables for the iconv(3) library. The conversion data has two components: The conversion mapping between specific character encodings. A pivot file, which the possible source and destination encoding pairs or the set of mappings to use for a compound encoding.

The following options are available:
-d Turns on debug mode.
-m Generate mapping data from infile.
-o outfile
  Put generated binary data to outfile.
-p Generate pivot data from outfile.


The mkcsmapper utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


iconv(1), mkesdb(1), iconv(3)


mkcsmapper first appeared in NetBSD and made its appearance in FreeBSD 9.0 .


This manual page was written by Gabor Kovesdan <Mt gabor@FreeBSD.org>.

MKCSMAPPER (1) July 9, 2016

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