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plockstat – Trace pthread lock statistics using DTrace



plockstat [-vACHV] [-n count] [-s depth] [-e secs] [-x opt=val] command [arg...]
plockstat [-vACHV] [-n count] [-s depth] [-e secs] [-x opt=val] -p pid


The plockstat utility traces pthread locks (mutexes and rwlocks) and prints statistics about them. You can use plockstat to investigate bottlenecks in your software.

The following options are available:
  Be verbose.
  Print all statistics.
  Print commulative statistics (the default).
  Print a histogram.
  Print the DTrace script about to be used to stderr.
-n count
  Set the aggregation count for the data set.
-s depth
  Set the ustack (userland stack) caller depth.
-e secs
  Does nothing at the moment.
-x opt=val
  Specify DTrace options. See the dtrace(1) man page for more details.


The utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


dtrace(1), pthread(3)


The plockstat utility comes from OpenSolaris and was first imported into FreeBSD 9.0 .

PLOCKSTAT (1) September 13, 2010

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