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zstreamdump – filter data in zfs send stream



zstreamdump [-C] [-d] [-v]


The zstreamdump utility reads from the output of the "zfs" command, then displays headers and some statistics from that output. See zfs(8).

The following options are supported:
  Suppress the validation of checksums.
  Dump contents of blocks modified, implies verbose.
  Verbose. Dump all headers, not only begin and end headers.




This manual page is a mdoc(7) reimplementation of the OpenSolaris manual page zstreamdump(1M), modified and customized for FreeBSD and licensed under the Common Development and Distribution License ( CDDL).

The mdoc(7) implementation of this manual page was initially written by Martin Matuska <mm@FreeBSD.org>.

ZSTREAMDUMP (8) December 31, 2013

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