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__iconv_get_list, __iconv_free_list – retrieving a list of character encodings supported by iconv(3)



Standard C Library (libc, -lc)


#include <iconv.h>

__iconv_get_list(char ***names, size_t count, bool paired);

__iconv_free_list(char **names, size_t count);


The __iconv_get_list() function obtains a list of character encodings that are supported by the iconv(3) call. The list of the encoding names will be stored in names and the number of the entries is stored in count. If the paired variable is true, the list will be arranged into canonical/alias name pairs.

The __iconv_free_list() function is to free the allocated memory during the call of __iconv_get_list().


Upon successful completion __iconv_get_list() returns 0 and set the names and count arguments. Otherwise, -1 is returned and errno is set to indicate the error.


iconv(3), iconvlist(3)


The __iconv_get_list and __iconv_free_list functions are non-standard interfaces, which appeared in the implementation of the Citrus Project. The iconv implementation of the Citrus Project was adopted in FreeBSD 9.0 .


This manual page was written by Gabor Kovesdan <Mt gabor@FreeBSD.org>.

__ICONV_GET_LIST (3) October 20, 2009

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