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au_get_state, au_notify_initialize, au_notify_terminate – audit event notification



Basic Security Module User Library (libbsm, -lbsm)


#include <bsm/libbsm.h>





The au_notify audit notification API tracks audit state in a form permitting efficient update, avoiding frequent system calls to check the kernel audit state. It is implemented only for Darwin/Mac OS X.

The au_get_state() function provides a lightweight way to check whether or not auditing is enabled. If a client wants to use this function to determine whether an entire series of audit calls should be made -- as in the common case of a caller building a set of tokens, then writing them -- it should cache the audit status in a local variable. This function always returns the current state of auditing. If audit notification has not already been initialized by calling au_notify_initialize() it will be automatically initialized on the first call of this function.

The au_notify_initialize() function initializes audit notification.

The au_notify_terminate() function cancels audit notification and frees the resources associated with it. Responsible code that no longer needs to use au_get_state() should call this function.


If no error occurred the au_get_state() function returns AUC_NOAUDIT if auditing is disabled or suspended, and AUC_AUDITING if auditing is enabled and active. Otherwise, the function can return any of the errno values defined for setaudit(2), or AU_UNIMPL if audit does not appear to be supported by the system.

The au_notify_initialize() function returns 0 on success, AU_UNIMPL if audit does not appear to be supported by the system, or one of the status codes defined in <notify.h> on Mac OS X to indicate the error.

The au_notify_terminate() function returns 0 on success, or -1 on failure.


libbsm(3), notify(3) (Mac OS X)


The OpenBSM implementation was created by McAfee Research, the security division of McAfee Inc., under contract to Apple Computer, Inc., in 2004. It was subsequently adopted by the TrustedBSD Project as the foundation for the OpenBSM distribution.


This software was created by Apple Computer, Inc.

The Basic Security Module (BSM) interface to audit records and audit event stream format were defined by Sun Microsystems.

AU_NOTIFY (3) July 29, 2015

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