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dwarf_attr – retrieve an attribute descriptor associated with a DWARF debugging information entry



DWARF Access Library (libdwarf, -ldwarf)


#include <libdwarf.h>

dwarf_attr(Dwarf_Die die, Dwarf_Half attr, Dwarf_Attribute *atp, Dwarf_Error *err);


Function dwarf_attr() retrieves the attribute descriptor for an attribute associated with the DWARF debugging information entry descriptor in argument die.

DWARF attribute descriptors are represented by value of the opaque type Dwarf_Attribute, see dwarf(3).

Argument attr names the desired DWARF attribute. Legal values for argument attr are those denoted by the DW_AT_* constants in the DWARF specification.

Argument atp points to a location into which the returned attribute descriptor will be written. The returned descriptor may then be passed to the form query functions in the dwarf(3) API set to access the data associated with the attribute.

If argument err is non-NULL, it will be used to return an error descriptor in case of an error.


Function dwarf_attr() returns DW_DLV_OK on success.

If the debugging information entry descriptor denoted by argument die does not contain the named attribute, the function returns DW_DLV_NO_ENTRY and sets argument err. For other errors, it returns DW_DLV_ERROR and sets argument err.


Function dwarf_attr() can fail with the following errors:
[DW_DLE_ARGUMENT] Either of arguments die or atp was NULL.
[DW_DLE_NO_ENTRY] Argument die had no attribute corresponding to the value in argument attr.


dwarf(3), dwarf_attrlist(3), dwarf_attroffset(3), dwarf_hasattr(3), dwarf_hasform(3), dwarf_whatattr(3), dwarf_whatform(3)

DWARF_ATTR (3) April 8, 2010

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