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llrint, llrintf, llrintl, lrint, lrintf, lrintl – convert to integer



Math Library (libm, -lm)


#include <math.h>

long long
llrint(double x);

long long
llrintf(float x);

long long
llrintl(long double x);

lrint(double x);

lrintf(float x);

lrintl(long double x);


The lrint() function returns the integer nearest to its argument x according to the current rounding mode. If the rounded result is too large to be represented as a long value, an invalid exception is raised and the return value is undefined. Otherwise, if x is not an integer, lrint() raises an inexact exception. When the rounded result is representable as a long, the expression lrint(x) is equivalent to (long )rint(x) (although the former may be more efficient).

The llrint(), llrintf(), llrintl(), lrintf(), and lrintl() functions differ from lrint() only in their input and output types.


lround(3), math(3), rint(3), round(3)


These functions conform to ISO/IEC 9899:1999 ("ISO C99").


The llrint(), llrintf(), lrint(), and lrintf() routines first appeared in FreeBSD 5.4 . The long double variants were introduced in FreeBSD 8.0 .

LRINT (3) January 13, 2008

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