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Manual Pages  — menu_mark


menu_mark - get and set the menu mark string



#include <menu.h>
int set_menu_mark(MENU *menu, const char *mark);
const char *menu_mark(const MENU *menu);


In order to make menu selections visible on older terminals without highlighting or color capability, the menu library marks selected items in a menu with a prefix string.

The function set_menu_mark sets the mark string for the given menu. Calling set_menu_mark with a null menu item will abolish the mark string. Note that changing the length of the mark string for a menu while the menu is posted is likely to produce unhelpful behavior.

The default string is "-" (a dash). Calling set_menu_mark with a non-NULL menu argument will change this default.

The function menu_mark returns the menu's mark string (or NULL if there is none).


The function menu_mark returns a pointer (which may be NULL). It does not set errno.

The function set_menu_mark may return the following error codes:
E_OK The routine succeeded.
  Routine detected an incorrect or out-of-range argument.
  System error occurred (see errno).


curses(3), menu(3).


The header file <menu.h> automatically includes the header file <curses.h>.


These routines emulate the System V menu library. They were not supported on Version 7 or BSD versions.


Juergen Pfeifer. Manual pages and adaptation for new curses by Eric S. Raymond.

menu_mark (3X)

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