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xo_set_flags – set operational flags for a libxo handle





#include <libxo/xo.h>

xo_set_flags(xo_handle_t *handle, unsigned flags);

xo_clear_flags(xo_handle_t *handle, xo_xof_flags_t flags);


Use the xo_set_flags() function to set the flags for a libxo handle. To use the default handle, pass a NULL handle.

The set of valid flags include:
Flag Description
  Close file pointer on xo_destroy(3). This flag will trigger the call of the close_func() (provided via xo_set_writer(3)) when the handle is destroyed.
XOF_COLOR Enable color and effects in output regardless of output device.
  Allow color and effects if the output device is a terminal.
XOF_INFO Display info data attributes (HTML)
XOF_KEYS Emit the key attribute (XML)
  Log (via stderr) each gettext(3) string lookup
XOF_LOG_SYSLOG Log (via stderr) each syslog message (via xo_syslog(3))
XOF_NO_ENV Do not use the LIBXO_OPTIONS environment variable.
XOF_PRETTY Make 'pretty printed' output, with the addition of indentation and newlines to enhance the readability of XML, JSON, and HTML output. Text output is not affected.
  Replaces hyphens with underscores
XOF_UNITS Display units (XML and HMTL)
XOF_WARN Generate warnings for broken calls, triggering diagnostic output (on standard error) when the library notices errors during operations, or with arguments to functions. Without warnings enabled, such conditions are ignored. Warnings allow developers to debug their interaction with libxo. The function xo_failure() can be used as a breakpoint for a debugger, regardless of whether warnings are enabled.
XOF_WARN_XML Generate warnings in XML on stdout
XOF_XPATH Emit XPath expressions (HTML)
XOF_COLUMNS Force xo_emit(3) to return columns used
XOF_FLUSH Flush output after each xo_emit(3) call

If the style is XO_STYLE_HTML, the following additional flags can be used:
Flag Description
  Emit "data-xpath" attributes
XOF_INFO Emit additional informational fields for HTML output. See xo_set_info(3) for details.

The XOF_XPATH flag enables the emission of XPath expressions detailing the hierarchy of XML elements used to encode the data field, if the XPATH style of output were requested.

If the style is XO_STYLE_XML, the following additional flags can be used:
Flag Description
  Add 'key' attribute to the XML encoding for field definitions that use the 'k' modifier. The key attribute has the value "key".

The xo_clear_flags() function turns off the given flags in a specific handle.


xo_emit(3), libxo(3)


The libxo library first appeared in FreeBSD 11.0 .


libxo was written by Phil Shafer <Mt phil@freebsd.org>.

LIBXO (3) December 4, 2014

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