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xo_parse_args – detect, parse, and remove arguments for libxo





#include <libxo/xo.h>

xo_parse_args(int argc, char **argv);

xo_set_program(const char *name);


The xo_parse_args() function is used to process command-line arguments. libxo specific options are processed and removed from the argument list so the calling application does not need to process them. If successful, a new value for argc is returned. On failure, a message it emitted and -1 is returned.
    argc = xo_parse_args(argc, argv);
    if (argc < 0)

Following the call to xo_parse_args(), the application can process the remaining arguments in a normal manner.

libxo uses command line options to trigger rendering behavior. The following options are recognised:

--libxo <options>

Options is a comma-separated list of tokens that correspond to output styles, flags, or features:

Token Action
  Enable "Do The Right Thing" mode
html Emit HTML output
  Set the indentation level
info Add info attributes (HTML)
json Emit JSON output
keys Emit the key attribute for keys (XML)
  Log (via stderr) each gettext(3) string lookup
  Log (via stderr) each syslog message (via xo_syslog(3))
.If Dv no-humanize Ignore the {h:} modifier (TEXT, HTML)
  Do not initialize the locale setting
  Prevent retaining formatting information
no-top Do not emit a top set of braces (JSON)
  Pretend the 1st output item was not 1st (JSON)
pretty Emit pretty-printed output
retain Force retaining formatting information
text Emit TEXT output
.If Dv underscores Replace XML-friendly "-"s with JSON friendly "_"s e
units Add the 'units' (XML) or 'data-units (HTML) attribute
warn Emit warnings when libxo detects bad calls
  Emit warnings in XML
xml Emit XML output
xpath Add XPath expressions (HTML)

The "brief-options" are single letter commands, designed for those with too little patience to use real tokens. No comma separator is used.
Token Action

H Enable HTML output (XO_STYLE_HTML)

I Enable info output (XOF_INFO)

i<num> Indent by <number>

J Enable JSON output (XO_STYLE_JSON)

P Enable pretty-printed output (XOF_PRETTY)

T Enable text output (XO_STYLE_TEXT)

W Enable warnings (XOF_WARN)

X Enable XML output (XO_STYLE_XML)

x Enable XPath data (XOF_XPATH)

The xo_set_program() function sets name of the program as reported by functions like xo_failure(), xo_warn(), xo_err(), etc. The program name is initialized by xo_parse_args(), but subsequent calls to xo_set_program() can override this value.

Note that the value is not copied, so the memory passed to xo_set_program() (and xo_parse_args()) must be maintained by the caller.


xo_emit(3), libxo(3)


The libxo library first appeared in FreeBSD 11.0 .


libxo was written by Phil Shafer <Mt phil@freebsd.org>.

LIBXO (3) December 4, 2014

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