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ctfconvert – convert debug data to CTF data



ctfconvert [-gis] -l label -L labelenv [-o outfile] object_file


The ctfconvert utility converts debug information from a binary file to CTF (Compact C Type Format) data and replaces the debug section of that file with a CTF section called SUNW_ctf. This new section is added to the input file, unless the -o option is present. You can also opt to keep the original debugging section with the -g option.

The following options are available:
-l label
  Sets the label as label.
-L labelenv
  Instructs ctfconvert to read the label from the environment variable labelenv.
  Don't delete the original debugging section.
  Ignore object files built from other languages than C.
  Use the .dynsym ELF section instead of the .symtab ELF section.
-o outfile
  Write the output to file in outfile.


The utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


ctfdump(1), ctfmerge(1), ctf(5)


The ctfconvert utility first appeared in FreeBSD 7.0 .


The CTF utilities came from OpenSolaris.

CTFCONVERT (1) April 21, 2022

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