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ctfmerge – merge several CTF data sections into one



ctfmerge [-fgstv] -l label -L labelenv -o outfile file ...
ctfmerge [-fgstv] -l label -L labelenv -o outfile -d uniqfile [-g] [-D uniqlabel] file ...
ctfmerge [-fgstv] -l label -L labelenv -o outfile -w withfile file ...
ctfmerge [-g] -c srcfile destfile


The ctfmerge utility merges several CTF data sections from several files into one output file, unifying common data.

The following options are available:
  Match global symbols to global CTF data.
  Don't delete the original debugging sections.
  Use the .dynsym ELF section instead of the .symtab ELF section.
  Make sure that all object files have a CTF section.
  Enable verbose mode.
-l label
  Sets the label as label.
-L labelenv
  Instructs ctfmerge to read the label from the environment variable labelenv.
-o outfile
  Use outfile to store the merged CTF data.
-d uniqfile
  Uniquify against uniqfile.
-d uniqlabel
  Uniquify against label uniqlabel
-w withfile
  Additive merge with withfile.
-c srcfile destfile
  Copy CTF data from srcfile into destfile.


The utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


ctfconvert(1), ctfdump(1)


The ctfmerge utility first appeared in FreeBSD 7.0 .


The CTF utilities came from OpenSolaris.

CTFMERGE (1) July 7, 2010

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