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kenv – list or modify the kernel environment



kenv [-l | -s] [-hNq]
kenv [-qv] variable[=value]
kenv [-q] -u variable


The kenv utility will list all variables in the kernel environment if invoked without arguments.

If the -l option is specified, then the static environment provided by loader(8) will be listed instead. Similarly, the -s option will list the static environment defined by the kernel config. Both of the -l and -s options are dependent on the kernel being configured to preserve early kernel environments. The default kernel configuration does not preserve these environments.

If the -h option is specified, it will limit the report to kernel probe hints. If an optional variable name is specified, kenv will only report that value. If the -N option is specified, kenv will only display variable names and not their values. If the -u option is specified, kenv will delete the given environment variable. If the environment variable is followed by an optional value, kenv will set the environment variable to this value.

If the -q option is set, warnings normally printed as a result of being unable to perform the requested operation will be suppressed.

If the -v option is set, the variable name will be printed out for the environment variable in addition to the value when kenv is executed with a variable name.

Variables can be added to the kernel environment using the /boot/loader.conf file, or also statically compiled into the kernel using the statement

    env filename

in the kernel config file. The file can contain lines of the form

    name = value # this is a comment

where whitespace around 'name' and '=', and everything after a '#' character, are ignored. Almost any printable character except '=' is acceptable as part of a name. Quotes are optional and necessary only if the value contains whitespace.


kenv(2), config(5), loader.conf(5), loader(8)


The kenv utility appeared in FreeBSD 4.1.1 .

KENV (1) August 26, 2021

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