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Manual Pages  — PRINTENV


printenv – print out the environment



printenv [name]


The printenv utility prints out the names and values of the variables in the environment, with one name/value pair per line. If name is specified, only its value is printed.

Some shells may provide a builtin printenv command which is similar or identical to this utility. Consult the builtin(1) manual page.


The utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


csh(1), env(1), sh(1), environ(7)


The printenv utility is provided for compatibility with earlier BSD and FreeBSD releases and is not specified by any standards. The functionality of printenv can be duplicated with the echo(1) and env(1) utilities.


The printenv command appeared in BSD 3.0 .

PRINTENV (1) May 12, 2003

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