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ssh-copy-id – copy public keys to a remote host



ssh-copy-id [-lv] [-i keyfile] [-o option] [-p port] [user@ ]hostname


The ssh-copy-id utility copies public keys to a remote host's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file (creating the file and directory, if required).

The following options are available:
-i file
  Copy the public key contained in file. This option can be specified multiple times and can be combined with the -l option. If a private key is specified and a public key is found then the public key will be used.
  Copy the keys currently held by ssh-agent(1). This is the default if the -i option was not specified.
-o ssh-option
  Pass this option directly to ssh(1). This option can be specified multiple times.
-p port
  Connect to the specified port on the remote host instead of the default.
  Pass -v to ssh(1).

The remaining arguments are a list of remote hosts to connect to, each one optionally qualified by a user name.


The utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


To send a specific key to multiple hosts:

    $ ssh-copy-id -i /path/to/keyfile.pub user@host1 user@host2 user@host3


The ssh-copy-id utility was written by Eitan Adler <Mt eadler@FreeBSD.org> as a drop-in replacement for an existing utility included with OpenSSH.

SSH-COPY-ID (1) February 28, 2014

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