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Manual Pages  — THR_SET_NAME


thr_set_name – set user-visible thread name



Standard C Library (libc, -lc)


#include <sys/thr.h>

thr_set_name(long id, const char *name);


The thr_set_name() system call sets the user-visible name for the thread with the identifier id in the current process to the NUL-terminated string name. The name will be silently truncated to fit into a buffer of MAXCOMLEN + 1 bytes. The thread name can be seen in the output of the ps(1) and top(1) commands, in the kernel debuggers and kernel tracing facility outputs, and in userland debuggers and program core files, as notes.


If successful, thr_set_name() returns zero; otherwise, -1 is returned, and errno is set to indicate the error.


The thr_set_name() system call may return the following errors:
  The memory pointed to by the name argument is not valid.
  The thread with the identifier id does not exist in the current process.


ps(1), thr_exit(2), thr_kill(2), thr_kill2(2), thr_new(2), thr_self(2), _umtx_op(2), pthread_set_name_np(3), ddb(4), ktr(9)


The thr_set_name() system call is non-standard and is used by the 1:1 Threading Library (libthr, -lthr)

THR_SET_NAME (2) December 2, 2016

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