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System calls - Section 2 - Manual Pages

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__syscall _exit _umtx_op abort2 accept accept4 access acct adjtime aio_cancel aio_error aio_fsync aio_mlock aio_read aio_return aio_suspend aio_waitcomplete aio_write audit auditctl auditon bind bindat brk cap_enter cap_fcntls_get cap_fcntls_limit cap_getmode cap_ioctls_get cap_ioctls_limit cap_rights_limit chdir chflags chflagsat chmod chown chroot clock_getres clock_gettime clock_nanosleep clock_settime close closefrom connect connectat cpuset cpuset_getaffinity cpuset_getid cpuset_setaffinity cpuset_setid creat dup dup2 eaccess errno execve extattr extattr_delete_fd extattr_delete_file extattr_delete_link extattr_get_fd extattr_get_file extattr_get_link extattr_list_fd extattr_list_file extattr_list_link extattr_set_fd extattr_set_file extattr_set_link faccessat fchdir fchflags fchmod fchmodat fchown fchownat fcntl fdatasync fexecve ffclock ffclock_getcounter ffclock_getestimate ffclock_setestimate fhopen fhstat fhstatfs flock fork fpathconf fstat fstatat fstatfs fsync ftruncate futimens futimes futimesat getaudit getaudit_addr getauid getdents getdirentries getdtablesize getegid geteuid getfh getfsstat getgid getgroups getitimer getlogin getloginclass getpeername getpgid getpgrp getpid getppid getpriority getresgid getresuid getrlimit getrusage getsid getsockname getsockopt gettimeofday getuid intro ioctl issetugid jail jail_attach jail_get jail_remove jail_set kenv kevent kill killpg kldfind kldfirstmod kldload kldnext kldstat kldsym kldunload kldunloadf kqueue ktrace lchflags lchmod lchown lgetfh link linkat lio_listio listen lpathconf lseek lstat lutimes madvise mincore minherit mkdir mkdirat mkfifo mkfifoat mknod mknodat mlock mlockall mmap modfind modfnext modnext modstat mount mprotect mq_close mq_getattr mq_notify mq_open mq_receive mq_send mq_setattr mq_timedreceive mq_timedsend msgctl msgget msgrcv msgsnd msync munlock munlockall munmap nanosleep nfssvc nmount ntp_adjtime ntp_gettime

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