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elf_rand – provide sequential access to the next archive member



ELF Access Library (libelf, -lelf)


#include <libelf.h>

elf_rand(Elf *archive, off_t offset);


The elf_rand() function causes the ELF descriptor archive to be adjusted so that the next call to elf_begin(3) will provide access to the archive member at byte offset offset in the archive. Argument offset is the byte offset from the start of the archive to the beginning of the archive header for the desired member.

Archive member offsets may be retrieved using the elf_getarsym(3) function.


Function elf_rand() returns offset if successful or zero in case of an error.


To process all the members of an archive use:
off_t off;
Elf *archive, *e;
cmd = ELF_C_READ;
archive = elf_begin(fd, cmd, NULL);
while ((e = elf_begin(fd, cmd, archive)) != (Elf *) 0)
        ... process `e' here ...

        off = ...new value...;         if (elf_rand(archive, off) != off) {                 ... process error ...         } } elf_end(archive);

To rewind an archive, use:

Elf *archive;
if (elf_rand(archive, SARMAG) != SARMAG) {
        ... error ...


Function elf_rand() may fail with the following errors:
  Argument archive was null.
  Argument archive was not a descriptor for an ar(1) archive.
[ELF_E_ARCHIVE] Argument offset did not correspond to the start of an archive member header.


ar(1), elf(3), elf_begin(3), elf_end(3), elf_getarsym(3), elf_next(3), gelf(3)

ELF_RAND (3) June 17, 2006

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