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elftc_demangle – demangle a C++ name





#include <libelftc.h>

elftc_demangle(const char *encodedname, char *buffer, size_t bufsize, unsigned int flags);


Function elftc_demangle() decodes a symbol name encoded according to the type encoding rules for the C++ language and returns a string denoting an equivalent C++ prototype.

Argument encodedname specifies the encoded symbol name. Argument buffer denotes a programmer-specified area to place the prototype string in. Argument bufsize specifies the size of the programmer-specified area. Argument flags specifies the encoding style in use for argument encodedname. Supported encoding styles are:
ELFTC_DEM_ARM The encoding style used by compilers adhering to the conventions of the C++ Annotated Reference Manual.
  The encoding style by GNU C++ version 2.
  The encoding style by GNU C++ version 3 and later.

Argument flags may be zero, in which case the function will attempt to guess the encoding scheme from the contents of encodedname.


Function elftc_demangle() returns 0 on success. In case of an error it returns -1 and sets the errno variable.


To decode a name that uses an unknown encoding style use:
char buffer[1024];
const char *funcname;

funcname = ...; /* points to string to be demangled */ if (elftc_demangle(funcname, buffer, sizeof(buffer), 0) == 0)         printf("Demangled name: % , buffer); else         perror("Cannot demangle %s", funcname);


Function elftc_demangle() may fail with the following errors:
[EINVAL] Argument encodedname was not a valid encoded name.
[ENAMETOOLONG] The output buffer specified by arguments buffer and bufsize was too small to hold the decoded function prototype.


elf(3), elf_strptr(3)

ELFTC_DEMANGLE (3) August 24, 2011

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