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openpam_readlinev – read a line from a file and split it into words



#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <security/pam_appl.h>
#include <security/openpam.h>

char **
openpam_readlinev(FILE *f, int *lineno, int *lenp);


The openpam_readlinev() function reads a line from a file, splits it into words according to the rules described in the openpam_readword(3) manual page, and returns a list of those words.

If lineno is not NULL, the integer variable it points to is incremented every time a newline character is read. This includes quoted or escaped newline characters and the newline character at the end of the line.

If lenp is not NULL, the number of words on the line is stored in the variable to which it points.


If successful, the openpam_readlinev() function returns a pointer to a dynamically allocated array of pointers to individual dynamically allocated NUL-terminated strings, each containing a single word, in the order in which they were encountered on the line. The array is terminated by a NULL pointer.

The caller is responsible for freeing both the array and the individual strings by passing each of them to free(3).

If the end of the line was reached before any words were read, openpam_readlinev() returns a pointer to a dynamically allocated array containing a single NULL pointer.

The openpam_readlinev() function can fail and return NULL for one of four reasons:


openpam_readline(3), openpam_readword(3), pam(3)


The openpam_readlinev() function is an OpenPAM extension.


The openpam_readlinev() function and this manual page were developed by Dag-Erling Sm/orgrav <Mt des@des.no>.

OPENPAM_READLINEV (3) February 24, 2019

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