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fbtab – change device protection upon login



The fbtab file contains a number of lines specifying a device together with a list of devices with associated protections. Comments start with a ‘#’ and extend to the end of the line.

Blank lines or lines with only a comment are ignored.

All other lines consist of three fields delimited by whitespace: a login device ( /dev/ttyv0), an octal permission number (0600), and a colon (‘:’) delimited list of device patterns ( /dev/console, /dev/dsp*). All device patterns are absolute paths.

If the tty argument (relative path) matches a login device name (absolute path), the permissions of the devices in the colon-delimited list are set as specified in the second field, and their ownership is changed to that of the UID and GID arguments.


  The fbtab file resides in /etc.


login(1), getty(8)


Guido van Rooij

FBTAB (5) August 22, 1994

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