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File formats and conventions - Section 5 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(5).

a.out acct adduser.conf aliases amd.conf ar audit.log audit_class audit_control audit_event audit_user audit_warn auditdistd.conf auto_master autofs big5 blacklistd.conf bluetooth.device.conf bluetooth.hosts bluetooth.protocols boot.config bootparams bootptab cd9660 config core cpio crontab ctf ctl.conf ctm devd.conf devfs devfs.conf devfs.rules device.hints dhclient.conf dhclient.leases dhcp-options dir dirent disktab editrc elf ethers euc eui64 exports ext2fs fbtab fdescfs finger.conf forward freebsd-update.conf fs fstab ftpchroot gb18030 gb2312 gbk gettytab group hast.conf hcsecd.conf hostapd.conf hosts hosts.allow hosts.equiv hosts.lpd hosts_access hosts_options INDEX inetd.conf inode intro iovctl.conf ipf ipf.conf ipf6.conf ipfilter ipnat ipnat.conf ippool iscsi.conf jail.conf kbdmap keymap krb5.conf libarchive-formats libmap.conf link linprocfs linsysfs lj4_font loader.conf login.access login.conf mac.conf magic mailer.conf make.conf malloc.conf man.conf master.passwd mech moduli motd mqueuefs msdos msdosfs mskanji mtree netconfig netgroup netid networks newsyslog.conf nologin nscd.conf nsmb.conf nsswitch.conf ntp.conf ntp.keys nullfs opieaccess opiekeys pam.conf pam.d passwd pbm pcap-savefile periodic.conf pf.conf pf.os phones portindex portsnap.conf printcap procfs protocols publickey pw.conf qop quota.group quota.user radius.conf rc.conf rc.conf.local rcsfile rctl.conf regdomain remote resolv.conf resolvconf.conf resolver rhosts rpc rrenumd.conf rtadvd.conf services shells src-env.conf src.conf ssh_config sshd_config stab stablerestart style.Makefile sysctl.conf syslog.conf tacplus.conf tar term termcap terminfo tmac tmpfs ttys tzfile unbound.conf utf8 uuencode uuencode.format vgrindefs wpa_supplicant.conf xo_format ypldap.conf

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