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fusefs – File system in USErspace



To link into the kernel: options FUSEFS

To load as a loadable kernel module:

    kldload fusefs


The fusefs driver implements a file system that is serviced by a userspace program.

There are many uses for fusefs. Userspace daemons can access libraries or programming languages that cannot run in kernel-mode, for example. fusefs is also useful for developing and debugging file systems, because a crash of the daemon will not take down the entire operating system. Finally, the fusefs API is portable. Many daemons can run on multiple operating systems with minimal modifications.


The following sysctl(8) variables are available:
  Major version of the FUSE kernel ABI supported by this driver.
  Minor version of the FUSE kernel ABI supported by this driver.
  Controls how fusefs will cache file data for pre-7.23 file systems. A value of 0 will disable caching entirely. Every data access will be forwarded to the daemon. A value of 1 will select write-through caching. Reads will be cached in the VFS layer as usual. Writes will be immediately forwarded to the daemon, and also added to the cache. A value of 2 will select write-back caching. Reads and writes will both be cached, and writes will occasionally be flushed to the daemon by the page daemon. Write-back caching is usually unsafe, especially for FUSE file systems that require network access.

FUSE file systems using protocol 7.23 or later specify their cache behavior on a per-mountpoint basis, ignoring this sysctl.

  Current number of open FUSE file handles.
  Total number of lookup cache hits.
  Total number of lookup cache misses.
  Current number of allocated FUSE vnodes.
  Current number of allocated FUSE tickets, which is roughly equal to the number of FUSE operations currently being processed by daemons.




The fuse driver was written as the part of the FreeBSD implementation of the FUSE userspace file system framework (see
https://github.com/libfuse/libfuse ) and first appeared in the sysutils/fusefs-kmod port, supporting FreeBSD 6.0 . It was added to the base system in FreeBSD 10.0, and renamed to fusefs for FreeBSD 12.1 .


The fuse driver was originally written by Csaba Henk as a Google Summer of Code project in 2005. It was further developed by Ilya Putsikau during Google Summer of Code 2011, and that version was integrated into the base system by Attilio Rao <Mt attilio@FreeBSD.org>.

This manual page was written by Alan Somers <Mt asomers@FreeBSD.org>.

FUSEFS (5) July 31, 2019

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