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netid YP network credential file



Files in netid format are rare. One lives in the YP map netid.byname. The format is rather simple. Each row consists of two items: a key and a value. When created by mknetid(8) there are three types of records.

The first type is information about which GIDs a UID has:

unix. <uid >@ <yp-domain><uid >: <gid >, <gid>

The second type contains information about hosts:

unix. <hostname >@ <yp-domain>0: <hostname>

The third type refers to records from a netid file other than the two types above.


  for lines not generated automatically by mknetid(8)


A configuration file might look like the following:
unix.10714@kaka 10714:400,10
unix.jodie@kaka 0:jodie


mknetid(8), yp(8)


Mats O Jansson <Mt moj@stacken.kth.se>

NETID (5) January 13, 1996

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