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auditdistd – Audit trail files distribution daemon



auditdistd [-dFhl] [-c config] [-P pidfile]


The auditdistd daemon is responsible for distributing audit trail files over a TCP/IP network in a secure and reliable way.

The auditdistd daemon can be started with the following command line arguments:
-c config
  Specify an alternative location of the configuration file. The default location is /etc/security/auditdistd.conf. Note: the configuration file may contain passwords. Care should be taken to configure proper permissions on this file ( eg. 0600).
-d Print or log debugging information. This option can be specified multiple times to raise the verbosity level.
-F Start the auditdistd daemon in the foreground. By default auditdistd starts in the background.
-h Print the auditdistd usage message.
-l Start in a launchd-friendly mode, ie. do not use daemon(3).
-P pidfile
  Specify an alternative location of a file where main process PID will be stored. The default location is /var/run/auditdistd.pid.


  The configuration file for auditdistd.
/var/run/auditdistd.pid The default location of the auditdistd PID file.


Exit status is 0 on success, or one of the values described in sysexits(3) on failure.


sysexits(3), audit(4), auditdistd.conf(5), auditd(8)


The auditdistd was developed by Pawel Jakub Dawidek <pawel@dawidek.net> under sponsorship of the FreeBSD Foundation.

AUDITDISTD (8) March 5, 2012

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