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System administration - Section 8 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(8).

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ac accton acpiconf acpidb acpidump adduser adjkerntz amd amq ancontrol arp asf ath3kfw atmconfig atrun audit auditd auditdistd authpf authpf-noip automount automountd autounmountd badsect bcmfw beastie.4th bhyve bhyvectl bhyveload binmiscctl blacklistctl blacklistd boot boot0cfg boot_i386 bootparamd bootpd bootpef bootpgw bootptest brand.4th bsdconfig bsdinstall bsdlabel bt3cfw bthidcontrol bthidd btpand btxld camcontrol camdd catman.local ccdconfig chat check-password.4th chkgrp chkprintcap chown chroot clear_locks clri color.4th comcontrol comsat config conscontrol cpucontrol crash crashinfo cron ctladm ctld ctlstat cxgbetool daemon dconschat ddb delay.4th devctl devd devfs devinfo dhclient dhclient-script digictl diskinfo disklabel diskless dma dmesg dump dumpcis dumpfs dumpon editmap edquota efidp efivar etcupdate etherswitchcfg extattrctl fastboot fasthalt fdcontrol fdisk ffsinfo fingerd fixmount flowctl fmtree freebsd-update fsck fsck_4.2bsd fsck_ffs fsck_msdosfs fsck_ufs fsdb fsinfo fsirand fstyp ftp-proxy ftpd fwcontrol gbde gcache gconcat geli geom getextattr getfmac getpmac getty ggatec ggated ggatel gjournal glabel gmirror gmountver gmultipath gnop gpart gpioctl gptboot gptzfsboot graid graid3 growfs gsched gshsec gssd gstat gstripe gvinum gvirstor halt hastctl hastd hccontrol hcsecd hcseriald hlfsd hostapd hostapd_cli hoststat hprop hpropd hv_kvp_daemon hv_vss_daemon i2c iasl ifconfig ifmcstat inetd init intro iostat iovctl ip6addrctl ipf ipfs ipfstat ipfw ipfwpcap ipmon ipnat ippool iprop iprop-log iscontrol iscsictl iscsid jail jexec jls kadmin kadmind kcm kdc kdigest kerberos

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