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chkgrp – check the syntax of the group file



chkgrp [-q] [groupfile]


The chkgrp utility scans the given file or, failing that, the system-wide group file for errors. Specifically, it checks that every non-blank, non-comment entry is composed of four colon-separated fields, that none of them contains whitespace, and that the third field (the group ID) is numeric. It will also check for invalid characters in the group names and group members. The following options are available:
  This option disables printing of text when the group format is correct.


  group database file


The chkgrp utility returns EX_DATAERR if errors were found in the group file, and EX_OK otherwise.


For each error found, chkgrp will print an error message containing the name of the file being scanned and the line number on which the error was found.


getgrent(3), group(5)


The chkgrp utility appeared in FreeBSD 3.0 .


The chkgrp utility and this manual page were written by Dag-Erling Sm/orgrav <Mt des@FreeBSD.org>. Further functionality was added by Liam J. Foy <Mt liamfoy@dragonflybsd.org>.


Should check the range of the group ID.

CHKGRP (8) May 26, 2005

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