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Manual Pages  — GPIOCTL


gpioctl – GPIO control utility



gpioctl [-f ctldev] -l [-v]
gpioctl [-f ctldev] [-pN] -t pin
gpioctl [-f ctldev] [-pN] -c pin flag [flag ...]
gpioctl [-f ctldev] [-pN] -n pin pin-name
gpioctl [ -f ctldev] [-pN] pin [0|1]


The gpioctl utility could be used to manage GPIO pins from userland and list available pins.

The pin argument can either be a pin-number or a pin-name. If it is a number and a pin has this number as its name and you did not use -N or -p , then gpioctl exits.

The options are as follows:
-c pin flag [flag ...]
  Configure pin by setting provided flags. The following flags are currently defined:
IN Input pin
OUT Output pin
OD Open drain pin
PP Push pull pin
TS Tristate pin
PU Pull-up pin
PD Pull-down pin
II Inverted input pin
IO Inverted output pin
-f ctldev GPIO controller device to use If not specified, defaults to /dev/gpioc0
-l list available pins
-n pin pin-name set the name used to describe the pin
-t pin toggle value of provided pin
-v be verbose: for each listed pin print current configuration
-p Force pin to be interpreted as a pin number
-N Force pin to be interpreted as a pin name



gpio(4), gpioiic(4), gpioled(4)


The gpioctl utility appeared in FreeBSD 9.0 .


The gpioctl utility and this manual page were written by Oleksandr Tymoshenko <Mt gonzo@freebsd.org>.

GPIOCTL (1) March 11, 2016

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