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Manual Pages  — GSTAT


gstat – print statistics about GEOM disks



gstat [-abBcdops] [-f filter] [-I interval]


The gstat utility can be used to monitor I/O transactions of geom(4) devices.

The options are as follows:
  Only display providers that are at least 0.1% busy.
  Batch mode. Collect numbers, print and exit. Default if stdout is not a tty.
  Endless batch mode. Same as batch mode, but does not exit after collecting the first set of data.
  Enable display of geom(4) consumers too. The default is to show statistics only for geom(4) producers.
  Enable display of statistics for delete ( BIO_DELETE) operations.
-f filter
  A regular expression that can be used to only show statistics for some devices. Only devices with the names matching filter will be displayed. The format of the regular expression is described in re_format(7).
  Enable display of statistics for other operations ( BIO_FLUSH).
  Enable blocks' size statistics.
-I interval
  Refresh the gstat display every interval microseconds. Adding a suffix of s, ms, or us (the default) indicates that the update interval is specified in seconds, milliseconds, or microseconds, respectively.
  Only display physical providers (those with rank of 1).


The utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


systat(1), geom(4), iostat(8), vmstat(8)


A gstat utility appeared in FreeBSD 5.0 .

GSTAT (8) November 10, 2016

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