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jls – list jails



jls [--libxo] [-dhNnqsv] [-j jail] [parameter ...]


The jls utility lists all active jails, or the specified jail. Each jail is represented by one row which contains space-separated values of the listed parameters, including the pseudo-parameter all which will show all available jail parameters. A list of available parameters can be retrieved via "sysctl". See jail(8) for a description of some core parameters.

If no parameters or any of the options -hns are given, the following four columns will be printed: jail identifier (jid), IP address (ip4.addr), hostname (host.hostname), and path (path).

The following options are available:
  Generate output via libxo(3) in a selection of different human and machine readable formats. See xo_parse_args(3) for details on command line arguments.
  List dying as well as active jails.
  Print a header line containing the parameters listed. If no parameters are given on the command line, all is assumed.
  In the standard display mode, print each jail's name instead of its numeric ID. If the jail does not have a name, the numeric ID is printed instead.
  Print parameters in "name=value" format, where each parameter is preceded by its name. If no parameters are given on the command line, all is assumed.
  Put quotes around parameters if they contain spaces or quotes, or are the empty string.
  Print parameters suitable for passing to jail(8), skipping read-only and unused parameters. Implies -nq.
  Extend the standard display with a multiple-line summary per jail, containing the following parameters: jail identifier (jid), hostname (host.hostname), path (path), jail name (name), jail state (dying), cpuset ID (cpuset), IP address(es) (ip4.addr and ip6.addr).
-j jail
  The jid or name of the jail to list. Without this option, all active jails will be listed.


jail_get(2), libxo(3), xo_parse_args(3), jail(8), jexec(8)


The jls utility was added in FreeBSD 5.1 . Extensible jail parameters were introduced in FreeBSD 8.0 . libxo support was added in FreeBSD 11.0 .

JLS (8) July 20, 2012

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