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kstash – store the KDC master password in a file



kstash [-e string | -enctype= string ] [-k file | -key-file= file ] [-convert-file] [-random-key] [-master-key-fd= fd] [-random-key] [-h | -help] [-version]


kstash reads the Kerberos master key and stores it in a file that will be used by the KDC.

Supported options:
-e string , -enctype= string
  the encryption type to use, defaults to DES3-CBC-SHA1.
-k file , -key-file= file
  the name of the master key file.
  don't ask for a new master key, just read an old master key file, and write it back in the new keyfile format.
  generate a random master key.
-master-key-fd= fd
  filedescriptor to read passphrase from, if not specified the passphrase will be read from the terminal.


/var/heimdal/m-key is the default keyfile if no other keyfile is specified. The format of a Heimdal master key is the same as a keytab, so ktutil list can be used to list the content of the file.



HEIMDAL KSTASH (8) April 10, 2007

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