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pam_guest – Guest PAM module



[service-name] module-type control-flag pam_guest [arguments]


The guest service module for PAM allows guest logins. If successful, the pam_guest module sets the PAM environment variable GUEST to the login name. The application can check this variable using pam_getenv(3) to differentiate guest logins from normal logins.

The following options may be passed to the pam_guest module:
guests=list Comma-separated list of guest account names. The default is "guest". A typical value for ftpd(8) would be "anonymous,ftp".
nopass Omits the password prompt if the target account is on the list of guest accounts.
  The password typed in by the user is exported as the PAM_RUSER item. This is useful for applications like ftpd(8) where guest users are encouraged to use their email address as password.
pass_is_user Requires the guest user to type in the guest account name as password.


pam_get_item(3), pam_getenv(3), pam.conf(5), pam(8)


The pam_guest module and this manual page were developed for the FreeBSD Project by ThinkSec AS and NAI Labs, the Security Research Division of Network Associates, Inc. under DARPA/SPAWAR contract N66001-01-C-8035 ("CBOSS"), as part of the DARPA CHATS research program.

PAM_GUEST (8) May 26, 2003

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