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ypldap – YP map server using LDAP backend



ypldap [-dnv] [-D macro=value] [-f file]


ypldap is a daemon providing YP maps using LDAP as a backend. RFC 2307 or similar LDAP schemas can be tied to the different YP maps. ypldap has the same role as ypserv(8) and the two daemons are exclusive.

The options are as follows:
-D macro=value
  Define macro to be set to value on the command line. Overrides the definition of macro in the configuration file.
  Do not daemonize. If this option is specified, ypldap will run in the foreground and log to stderr.
-f file
  Specify an alternative configuration file.
  Configtest mode. Only check the configuration file for validity.
  Produce more verbose output.


/etc/ypldap.conf Default ypldap configuration file.


ypldap.conf(5), ypbind(8)


The ypldap program first appeared in OpenBSD 4.4 and then FreeBSD 11.0 .


The ypldap program was written by Pierre-Yves Ritschard.

YPLDAP (8) $Mdocdate: June 8 2016 $

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