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which – locate a program file in the user's path



which [-as] program ...


The which utility takes a list of command names and searches the path for each executable file that would be run had these commands actually been invoked.

The following options are available:
  List all instances of executables found (instead of just the first one of each).
  No output, just return 0 if all of the executables are found, or 1 if some were not found.

Some shells may provide a builtin which command which is similar or identical to this utility. Consult the builtin(1) manual page.


builtin(1), csh(1), find(1), locate(1), whereis(1)


The which command first appeared in FreeBSD 2.1 .


The which utility was originally written in Perl and was contributed by Wolfram Schneider <Mt wosch@FreeBSD.org>. The current version of which was rewritten in C by Daniel Papasian <Mt dpapasia@andrew.cmu.edu>.

WHICH (1) December 13, 2006

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