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ypwhich – return hostname of NIS server of map master



ypwhich [-d domain] [ [-t] -m [mname ]| host ]
ypwhich -x


The ypwhich utility tells which NIS server supplies NIS services to a client, or which is the master for a map. If invoked without arguments, it gives the NIS server for the local machine. If host is specified, that machine is queried to find out which NIS server it is using.

The options are as follows:
-d domain
  Specify a domain other than the default domain.
  Inhibit translation of map nicknames to their corresponding map names.
-m [mname]
  Find the master NIS server for the named map. No host may be specified with the -m option. The mname argument can be a map name or nickname. If mname is omitted, ypwhich will produce a list of available maps.
  Display the map nickname table.


domainname(1), ypcat(1), ypmatch(1), yp(8), ypbind(8), yppoll(8), ypset(8)


Theo De Raadt

YPWHICH (1) September 3, 2015

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