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acct – execution accounting file



#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/acct.h>


The kernel maintains the following acct information structure for all processes. If a process terminates, and accounting is enabled, the kernel calls the acct(2) function call to prepare and append the record to the accounting file.
#define AC_COMM_LEN 16

/* * Accounting structure version 2 (current). * The first byte is always zero. * Time units are microseconds. */

struct acctv2 {         uint8_t ac_zero;               /* zero identifies new version */         uint8_t ac_version;            /* record version number */         uint16_t ac_len;                /* record length */

        char     ac_comm[AC_COMM_LEN]; /* command name */         float    ac_utime;             /* user time */         float    ac_stime;             /* system time */         float    ac_etime;             /* elapsed time */         time_t   ac_btime;             /* starting time */         uid_t    ac_uid;               /* user id */         gid_t    ac_gid;               /* group id */         float    ac_mem;               /* average memory usage */         float    ac_io;                /* count of IO blocks */         __dev_t ac_tty;               /* controlling tty */

        uint16_t ac_len2;               /* record length */         union {                 __dev_t  ac_align;     /* force v1 compatible alignment */

#define AFORK   0x01                    /* forked but not exec'ed */ /* ASU is no longer supported */ #define ASU     0x02                    /* used super-user permissions */ #define ACOMPAT 0x04                    /* used compatibility mode */ #define ACORE   0x08                    /* dumped core */ #define AXSIG   0x10                    /* killed by a signal */ #define ANVER   0x20                    /* new record version */

                uint8_t ac_flag;       /* accounting flags */         } ac_trailer;

#define ac_flagx ac_trailer.ac_flag };

If a terminated process was created by an execve(2), the name of the executed file (at most ten characters of it) is saved in the field ac_comm and its status is saved by setting one of more of the following flags in ac_flag: AFORK, ACOMPAT, ACORE and ASIG. ASU is no longer supported. ANVER is always set in the above structure.


lastcomm(1), acct(2), execve(2), sa(8)


A acct file format appeared in AT&T v7 . The current record format was introduced on May 2007. It is backwards compatible with the previous format, which is still documented in <sys/acct.h> and supported by lastcomm(1) and sa(8).

ACCT (5) May 15, 2007

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