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Manual Pages  — BEINSTALL.SH


beinstall.sh – install a boot environment using the current FreeBSD source tree



beinstall.sh [options ...]


beinstall.sh installs a boot environment using the current FreeBSD source tree. beinstall.sh also automatically performs /etc updates (using either etcupdate(8) or mergemaster(8)) and package updates using pkg-upgrade(8) automatically in the new boot environment sandbox.

Upon successful completion, the system will be ready to boot into the new boot environment. Upon failure, the target boot environment will be destroyed. In all cases, the running system is left untouched and a reboot into a partially updated system (due to install or hardware failure) cannot happen. Additionally, the full installation process requires only one reboot as it is performed in a new boot environment.

beinstall.sh requires a fully built world and kernel. It also requires beadm(1) and pkg(8), which are not present in the base system and have to be installed manually.

The options provided to beinstall.sh are world and kernel flags like KERNCONF as described in build(7).


User modifiable variables. Set these in the environment if desired:
CONFIG_UPDATER (default: "etcupdate")
  Config updater: etcupdate(8) and mergemaster(8) are supported. Set to an empty string to skip.
ETCUPDATE_FLAGS (default: "-F")
  Flags for etcupdate(8) if used.
  Flags for mergemaster(8) if used.
NO_PKG_UPGRADE (default: "")
  If not empty, "pkg upgrade" will be skipped.


src/ tools/build/beinstall.sh
  Place where beinstall.sh lives in the src tree.


beadm(1), build(7), development(7), etcupdate(8), mergemaster(8), pkg(8)


beinstall.sh is inspired by and similar in function to Solaris/illumos-style upgrades.

The beinstall.sh manual page first appeared in FreeBSD 12.0 .


The beinstall.sh script was implemented by Will Andrews <Mt will@FreeBSD.org>. This manual page was written by Mateusz Piotrowski <Mt 0mp@FreeBSD.org>.

BEINSTALL.SH (8) April 18, 2020

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