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chkprintcap – check validity of entries in the print spooler database



chkprintcap [-d] [-f printcap]


The chkprintcap utility scans a printcap(5) database (named by the printcap argument, or by default /etc/printcap), looking for entries which are invalid in one way or another. The following checks are currently implemented:
  1. 'tc=' references were properly expanded
  2. 'tc=' references did not form a loop
  3. No two printers share the same spool directory '(sd=' capability).

The chkprintcap utility exits with a status equal to the number of errors encountered before processing stopped. (In some cases, processing can stop before the entire file is scanned.)

If the -d flag is given, chkprintcap will attempt to create any missing spool directories, giving them 'u=rwx,go=rx' (0755) mode, group 'daemon', and the owner specified by the 'du=' capability in the database (default 1, which corresponds to user 'daemon').


lpr(1), printcap(5), lpd(8)


The chkprintcap utility was written by Garrett A. Wollman <Mt wollman@lcs.mit.edu>.


Not enough sanity-checking is done. At a minimum, the ownership and mode of the spool directories should also be checked. Other parameters whose value could cause lpd(8) to fail should be diagnosed.

CHKPRINTCAP (8) November 30, 1997

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