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Manual Pages  — GGATEL


ggatel – GEOM Gate local control utility



ggatel create [-v] [-o ro | wo | rw] [-s sectorsize] [-t timeout] [-u unit] path
ggatel destroy [-f] -u unit
ggatel list [-v] [-u unit]
ggatel rescue [-v] [-o ro | wo | rw] -u unit path


The ggatel utility is a local GEOM Gate class consumer. It can be used as a replacement for md(4) devices or as a "GEOMificator" for non GEOM-aware devices, but it was mainly created as an example on how to use and how to communicate with the GEOM Gate kernel subsystem.

Available commands:
create Create a ggate provider related to the given regular file or device.
  Destroy the given ggate provider.
list List ggate providers.
rescue Take over a previously created provider and handle pending and future requests. This is useful if the initial ggatel process died. To prevent data loss, the given path must lead to the regular file or device that was used to create the provider.

Available options:
-f Forcibly destroy ggate provider (cancels all pending requests).
-o ro | wo | rw
  Specify permissions to use when opening the file or device: read-only ( ro), write-only ( wo), or read-write ( rw). Default is rw.
-s sectorsize
  Sector size for ggate provider. If not specified, it is taken from the device, or set to 512 bytes for files.
-t timeout
  Number of seconds to wait before an I/O request will be canceled. 0 means no timeout. Default is 30.
-u unit Unit number to use.
-v Do not fork, run in foreground and print debug information on standard output.
path Path to a regular file or device.


Exit status is 0 on success, or 1 if the command fails. To get details about the failure, ggatel should be called with the -v option.


"GEOMify" the "fd0" device and use gbde(8) to encrypt data on a floppy disk.
ggatel create -u 5 /dev/fd0
gbde init /dev/ggate5
gbde attach ggate5
newfs /dev/ggate5.bde
mount /dev/ggate5.bde /secret
cp /private/foo /secret/
umount /secret
gbde detach ggate5
ggatel destroy -u 5


geom(4), gbde(8), ggatec(8), ggated(8), mount(8), newfs(8)


The ggatel utility appeared in FreeBSD 5.3 .


The ggatel utility as well as this manual page was written by Pawel Jakub Dawidek <Mt pjd@FreeBSD.org>.

GGATEL (8) September 8, 2016

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