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hprop – propagate the KDC database



hprop [-m file | -master-key= file ] [-d file | -database= file ] [-source= heimdal|mit-dump] [-r string | -v4-realm= string ] [-c cell | -cell= cell ] [-k keytab | -keytab= keytab ] [-R string | -v5-realm= string ] [-D | -decrypt] [-E | -encrypt] [-n | -stdout] [-v | -verbose] [-version] [-h | -help] [host[:port]] ...


hprop takes a principal database in a specified format and converts it into a stream of Heimdal database records. This stream can either be written to standard out, or (more commonly) be propagated to a hpropd(8) server running on a different machine.

If propagating, it connects to all hosts specified on the command by opening a TCP connection to port 754 (service hprop) and sends the database in encrypted form.

Supported options:
-m file , -master-key= file
  Where to find the master key to encrypt or decrypt keys with.
-d file , -database= file
  The database to be propagated.
-source= heimdal|mit-dump|krb4-dump|kaserver
  Specifies the type of the source database. Alternatives include:

heimdal a Heimdal database
  a MIT Kerberos 5 dump file
+.It Fl k Ar keytab , Fl Fl keytab= Ns Ar keytab The keytab to use for fetching the key to be used for authenticating to the propagation daemon(s). The key hprop/hostname is used from this keytab. The default is to fetch the key from the KDC database.
-R string , -v5-realm= string
  Local realm override.
-D -, -decrypt
  The encryption keys in the database can either be in clear, or encrypted with a master key. This option transmits the database with unencrypted keys.
-E -, -encrypt
  This option transmits the database with encrypted keys.
-n -, -stdout
  Dump the database on stdout, in a format that can be fed to hpropd.


The following will propagate a database to another machine (which should run hpropd(8)):
$ hprop slave-1 slave-2



HEIMDAL HPROP (8) December 8, 2004

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