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hpropd – receive a propagated database



hpropd [-d file | -database= file ] [-n | -stdin] [-print] [-i | -no-inetd] [-k keytab | -keytab= keytab ] [-4 | -v4dump]


hpropd receives a database sent by hprop. and writes it as a local database.

By default, hpropd expects to be started from inetd if stdin is a socket and expects to receive the dumped database over stdin otherwise. If the database is sent over the network, it is authenticated and encrypted. Only connections authenticated with the principal kadmin are accepted.

Options supported:
-d file , -database= file
-n -, -stdin
  read from stdin
  print dump to stdout
-i -, -no-inetd
  not started from inetd
-k keytab , -keytab= keytab
  keytab to use for authentication
-4 -, -v4dump
  create v4 type DB



HEIMDAL HPROPD (8) August 27, 1997

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