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통상 명령 (툴과 유틸리티)의 안내 - 섹션 1 - Man page

매뉴얼의이 섹션에 대한 자세한 내용은, intro(1)를 참조하십시오.

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a2p addftinfo addr2line afmtodit alias alloc apply apropos ar as at atq atrm basename batch bc bdes bg biff bindkey brandelf break breaksw builtin builtins bzip2 c89 calendar cap_mkdb case cat catman cccp cd cdcontrol chdir checknr chflags chfn chgrp chio chkey chmod chpass chsh ci ckdist cksum clear cmp co col colcrt colldef colrm column comm command compile_et complete compress continue cp cpio crontab crunchgen crunchide crypt ctags ctm ctm_dequeue ctm_rmail ctm_smail cu cursor cut cvs date dc dd default df dialog diff diff3 dig dirname dirs dnskeygen dnsquery do domainname done doscmd dtmfdecode du echo echotc ed ee elif else end endif endsw enigma esac eval exec exit expand export expr f77 false fc fdformat fdwrite fetch fg fi file file2c filetest find finger fmt fold fontedit for foreach from fstat fsync ftp g711conv gasp gate-ftp gawk gcc gcore gdb gdbserver gencat getNAME getopt getopts glob goto gperf gprof grep grn grog grotty groups gzexe gzip h2ph hash hashstat hd head hexdump history host hostname hpftodit hup id ident idprio if indent indxbib info install install-info intro ipcrm ipcs ipftest ipresend ipsend iptest jobid jobs join jot kbdcontrol kbdmap kcon kdump kenv key keyinfo keyinit keylogin keylogout kill killall

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I have a natural revulsion to any operating system that shows so little planning as to have to named all of its commands after digestive noises (awk, grep, fsck, nroff).