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시스템 메인트넌스 및 조작 명령의 소개 - 섹션 8 - Man page

매뉴얼의이 섹션에 대한 자세한 내용은, intro(8)를 참조하십시오.

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ac accton adding_user adduser adjkerntz amd amq ancontrol apm apmd arp atacontrol atm atmarpd atrun badsect boot0cfg boot_i386 bootparamd bootpd bootpef bootpgw bootptest btxld burncd camcontrol ccdconfig chat chkgrp chkprintcap chown chroot clri comcontrol comsat config crash cron cvsbug daemon dev_mkdb dhclient dhclient-script disklabel diskless dmesg dump dumpfs dumpon editmap edquota faithd fastboot fasthalt fdcontrol fdisk fingerd fixmount fore_dnld fsck fsck_msdosfs fsdb fsinfo fsirand ftpd getty growfs halt hlfsd ifconfig ifmcstat ilmid inetd init intro iostat ip6fw ipf ipfs ipfstat ipfw ipmon IPXrouted isdnd isdndebug isdndecode isdnmonitor isdnphone isdntel isdntelctl isdntrace ispcvt jail kernbb keyserv kgmon kldconfig kldload kldstat kldunload kzip lastlogin ldconfig loader loader.4th locate.updatedb lpc lpd lptcontrol mail.local mailstats mailwrapper MAKEDEV makekey makemap manctl MAP map-mbone memcontrol mergemaster mixer mk-amd-map mknetid mknod mld6query mlxcontrol mount mount_cd9660 mount_devfs mount_ext2fs mount_fdescfs mount_linprocfs mount_msdosfs mount_nfs mount_ntfs mount_nullfs mount_nwfs mount_portalfs mount_procfs mount_smbfs mount_std mount_umapfs mount_unionfs mountd moused mrinfo mrouted mtest mtrace mtree named named-bootconf named-xfer named.reload named.restart natd ndc ndp newfs newfs_msdos newkey newsyslog nfsd nfsiod ngctl nghook nologin nos-tun nslookup nsupdate ntp-genkeys ntpd ntpdate ntpdc ntpq ntptime ntptrace pac pam_opie pam_opieaccess pam_radius pam_ssh pam_tacplus pccardc pccardd pciconf periodic picobsd ping ping6 pnpinfo ppp pppctl pppd pppoed pppstats praliases procctl pstat pw raycontrol

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