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bhnd_chipc – Broadcom Home Networking Division ChipCommon Driver



To compile this driver into the kernel, add this line to the kernel configuration file: device bhnd

To compile driver support for all additional devices found in embedded systems, add the following additional lines to the kernel configuration file: device cfi device gpio device spibus device uart

To load the driver as a module at boot, add this line to loader.conf(5):



The bhnd_chipc driver supports the ChipCommon core found in Broadcom Home Networking Division network chipsets and embedded systems.

The ChipCommon core provides an interface to common hardware facilities, including device identification, UARTs, CFI and SPI flash, One-time Programmable (OTP) Memory, and GPIO.


bhnd(4), intro(4)


The bhnd_chipc device driver first appeared in FreeBSD 11.0 .


The bhnd_chipc driver was written by Landon Fuller <Mt landonf@FreeBSD.org>, and Michael Zhilin <Mt mizhka@FreeBSD.org>.

BHND_CHIPC (4) October 16, 2017

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