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Special files and drivers - Section 4 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(4).

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aac aacraid acpi acpi_asus acpi_asus_wmi acpi_dock acpi_fujitsu acpi_hp acpi_hpet acpi_ibm acpi_panasonic acpi_rapidstart acpi_sony acpi_thermal acpi_toshiba acpi_video acpi_wmi ada adv adw ae aesni age agp agpgart aha ahb ahc ahci ahd aibs aio alc ale alpm altera_atse altera_avgen altera_jtag_uart altera_sdcard altera_sdcardc altq ALTQ amdpm amdsbwd amdsmb amdsmn amdtemp amr an aout apic arcmsr arp asmc ata atf-test-case ath ath_ahb ath_hal ath_pci atkbd atkbdc atp atrtc atse attimer audit auditpipe aue axe axge bce bcma bfe bge bhnd bhndb bhyve bktr blackhole bnxt bpf bridge brooktree bt bwi bwn bxe bytgpio cam CAM capsicum cardbus carp cas cbb cc cc_cdg cc_chd cc_cubic cc_dctcp cc_hd cc_htcp cc_newreno cc_vegas ccd ccv cd cdce cfi cfid cfiscsi cfumass ch chromebook_platform chvgpio ciss cloudabi cloudabi32 cloudabi64 cm cmx coretemp cpuctl cpufreq crypto cryptodev ctl cue cxgb cxgbe cxgbev cxl cxlv cy cyapa da dc dcons dcons_crom ddb de devctl digi disc divert dpms dpt ds1307 ds3231 dtrace_io dtrace_ip dtrace_proc dtrace_sched dtrace_tcp dtrace_udp dummynet ed edsc ehci em en ena enc epair esp est et etherswitch eventtimers exca fatm fd fdc fdt FDT fdt_pinctrl fdtbus fea ffclock filemon firewire fpa full fwe fwip fwohci fxp gbde gdb gem GEOM geom geom_fox geom_linux_lvm geom_map geom_uzip gif gpio gpiobus gpioiic

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