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Manual Pages  — STATS


stats – information about various and sundry statistics utilities



The FreeBSD userland in part contains a series of utilities which can be used to ascertain system state at runtime and optionally from core files.


The following commands (sorted alphabetically) are currently included in the base system, with more appearing periodically.
btsockstat Show Bluetooth socket information
ctlstat CAM Target Layer statistics utility
fstat Identify active files
gstat Print statistics about GEOM disks
ibstat Display information from the InfiniBand driver
ifmcstat Dump multicast group management statistics per interface
iostat Report kernel subsystem I/O statistics
ipfstat Display IPF packet filter statistics and filter list
kldstat Display status of dynamic kernel linker
lockstat Report kernel lock and profiling statistics
mailstats Display mail statistics
netstat Show network status and statistics
nfsstat Display NFS statistics
plockstat Trace pthread lock statistics using DTrace
pmcstat Performance measurement with performance monitoring hardware
procstat Get detailed process information
pstat Display system data structures
sockstat List open sockets
stat Display file status
systat Display system statistics
vmstat Report virtual memory statistics
zpool Report ZFS I/O statistics


intro(1), intro(7), intro(8), btsockstat(1), ctlstat(8), fstat(1), gstat(8), ibstat(8), ifmcstat(8), iostat(8), ipfstat(8), kldstat(8), lockstat(1), mailstats(8), netstat(1), plockstat(1), pmcstat(8), procstat(1), pstat(8), sockstat(1,) stat(1), systat(1), vmstat(8), zpool-iostat(8),


The stats manual page first appeared in FreeBSD 13.0 .


Daniel Ebdrup Jensen <Mt debdrup@FreeBSD.org>

STATS (7) May 14, 2020

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