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Kernel routines - Section 9 - Manual Pages

For information on this section of the manual, read intro(9).

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vm_page_deactivate vm_page_dirty vm_page_dontneed vm_page_free vm_page_free_toq vm_page_free_zero vm_page_grab vm_page_hold vm_page_insert vm_page_is_valid vm_page_lookup vm_page_reference vm_page_remove vm_page_rename vm_page_sbusied vm_page_sbusy vm_page_set_invalid vm_page_set_validclean vm_page_sleep_if_busy vm_page_sunbusy vm_page_test_dirty vm_page_try_to_free vm_page_trysbusy vm_page_tryxbusy vm_page_undirty vm_page_unhold vm_page_unwire vm_page_wire vm_page_xbusied vm_page_xbusy vm_page_xunbusy vm_page_zero_invalid vm_set_page_size vmem vmem_add vmem_alloc vmem_create vmem_destroy vmem_free vmem_xalloc vmem_xfree vn_fullpath vn_isdisk vn_lock vnet vnode vnode_pager_setsize VOP_ACCESS VOP_ACCESSX VOP_ACLCHECK VOP_ADVISE VOP_ADVLOCK VOP_ALLOCATE VOP_ATTRIB VOP_BMAP VOP_BWRITE VOP_CLOSE VOP_CREATE VOP_FDATASYNC VOP_FSYNC VOP_GETACL VOP_GETATTR VOP_GETEXTATTR VOP_GETPAGES VOP_INACTIVE VOP_IOCTL VOP_ISLOCKED VOP_LINK VOP_LISTEXTATTR VOP_LOCK VOP_LOOKUP VOP_MKDIR VOP_MKNOD VOP_OPEN VOP_OPENCLOSE VOP_PATHCONF VOP_PRINT VOP_PUTPAGES VOP_RDWR VOP_READ VOP_READDIR VOP_READLINK VOP_REALLOCBLKS VOP_RECLAIM VOP_REMOVE VOP_RENAME VOP_REVOKE VOP_RMDIR VOP_SETACL VOP_SETATTR VOP_SETEXTATTR VOP_STRATEGY VOP_SYMLINK VOP_UNLOCK VOP_VPTOCNP VOP_VPTOFH VOP_WRITE vpanic vput vref VREF vrefcnt vrefl vrele vslock vsunlock vunref wakeup wakeup_any wakeup_one watchdog zone zpfind

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